M.S. and Vitamin-D

This was by far the most informative break-down i’ve come across regarding vitamin-D and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis (and other diseases). It’s a little on the long side, but explains the relationship in a concise and understandable manner. This is the kind of shit that makes me feel a little less doomed & hopeless.

I’m presently at about 2600IU Vitamin-D3 per day by supplementation alone, and I may have to triple that if streaking is still frowned upon.



2 thoughts on “M.S. and Vitamin-D

  1. I take 10,000 units a day of vitamin D3 supplements and get another 8000 to 10,000 units a day from 15 minutes in the sun everyday. I believe that it has helped me tremendously. I also have seen this video before and have a very helpful website put together by the Naval Observatory about the time of day/year, the angle and altitude of the sun according to your location, to properly absorb UVB rays from the sun if interested.

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