The Waiting Game

The MRIs are out of the way, but it’ll probably be a month before I can see my M.S. neuro again to get his analysis. Though, they did send me my brain and spine MRIs on DVD to torture me in the meantime. Awesome.

I snuck a peek tonight, despite promising myself that I wouldn’t. I take comfort in the fact that I don’t know anything about analyzing a brain or spine MRI because if I had to guess; there’s now a dead baby cheetah where my brain used to be… just above Sigourney Weaver’s hybrid Human/Xenomorph lovechild from the movie “Alien Resurrection”. They say it’s your Medula Oblongata, but you just cant believe everything that you hear. Especially if you’ve already named it Philippe:

Lessons learned:

  • Have a backup MS specialist to see at times like this. Or at least schedule a follow-up with your specialist at the same time that you schedule your MRIs.
  • No more sneak peeks!


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