Dr. Sanjay Gupta: “Your Body on Weed”

I felt, first-hand, the impact of marijuana during my initial major M.S. episode: a four month adventure with Trigeminal “somebody fucking shoot me” Neuralgia (faithfully nicknamed the Suicide Disease). I myself, a frequent consumer of the herb in my younger years, already knew of its general “calming” effect… or, what I came to know as, blindly staring at inanimate objects for hours and being completely amused by them, but this video goes into finer detail on why the medical kind (like normal weed, sans the “fun gene”) works for MSers and others with chronic pain.

Fortunately, my TN has not relapsed in 3yrs+, but I’d obviously rather have (access to) marijuana and not need it, than need it and not have it – especially since the drugs they prescribed me at the time were worthless prayers basically akin to pissing on a forest fire. Plus, now I won’t have to buy it off that banger with the gargantuan Presa Canario in Pilsen anymore. Illinois made the right call when they legalized it earlier this year.


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