Dr. Sanjay Gupta: “Your Body on Weed”

I felt, first-hand, the impact of marijuana during my initial major M.S. episode: a four month adventure with Trigeminal “somebody fucking shoot me” Neuralgia (faithfully nicknamed the Suicide Disease). I myself, a frequent consumer of the herb in my younger years, already knew of its general “calming” effect… or, what I came to know as, blindly staring at inanimate objects for hours and being completely amused by them, but this video goes into finer detail on why the medical kind (like normal weed, sans the “fun gene”) works for MSers and others with chronic pain.

Fortunately, my TN has not relapsed in 3yrs+, but I’d obviously rather have (access to) marijuana and not need it, than need it and not have it – especially since the drugs they prescribed me at the time were worthless prayers basically akin to pissing on a forest fire. Plus, now I won’t have to buy it off that banger with the gargantuan Presa Canario in Pilsen anymore. Illinois made the right call when they legalized it earlier this year.


Fish-oil and Brain health

“CNN: Remarkable recovery with high-dose fish oil”

I’d find a FO supplement with a higher concentration of EPA (2:1 ratio EPA:DHA). Not that it doesn’t need supplementation, but our body produces a wealth of DHA on its own. Unfortunately, a majority of the FO supplements found in your local drug store offer little  in the form of EPA. I went with Jarrow Formulas EPA:DHA 2:1 (supposedly odorless), but there are others if you look around.


Neuro-psych eval, 2013 MRIs

I had my first neuro-psych evaluation performed today, to establish a cognitive performance history/baseline for future reference. A whopping six hours. I’d describe it as more of an easy IQ test, than the square-peg/round-hole stuff I was expecting. Still, I question its effectiveness considering the unrealistic surroundings in which the test was administered: A small, quiet office, shared by only my doctor and I. Hardly comparable to the virtual stadium that is my employer’s office.I have to wait until my next neuro appointment (Apr 22nd) to get my results.

Non-dairy probiotics for auto-immune/inflammatory diseases and arthritis

I upchuck a little thinking about what these particular recipes might taste like, but i’ve been on the hunt for an alternative to greek yogurt and Kefir for my bi-weekly intake of probiotics  – those not sold in pill form. I basically sold my soul to buy a Vitamix – so I should probably use it for more than making Almond milk, maybe?

As some believe that stomach toxicity is the root cause of M.S., probiotics are often recommended to balance out the the level of good and bad bacteria in your stomach (your spine ends in your stomach). Yes, there’s such a thing as good bacteria.

Considering that I don’t have any M.S. lesions on my spine, thankfully, I’m skeptical. Though what about leaky gut? Toxic stomach bile seeping into your bloodstream, breaking the blood brain barrier? Whole ‘nother topic.

She’s kind of dfhdjkfd, and her “shakes” don’t inspire a lot of confidence but i’d like to get my hands on her recipe book, then send it to my nutritionist to see if she can make them not taste like death and broccoli.